You could be a valued Client boasting results like our existing Clients.

These include:

– Saving of an estimated R10 million due to the prevention of theft of copper cable which would have resulted in complete production stoppage.
– Production increase of over 300% within 21 days.
– Improved housekeeping rating from 55% – 95% in six months.
– Increased production efficiencies from 83% to 96% at a major manufacturer.
– Reduced production spillages resulting in savings of more than R800 000 per month at one site.
– Significant improvement in industrial safety incidents within a month.
– Platinum theft in excess of R1,4 million prevented in two months.
– Forty Six (46) cases of gold theft , where thieves were apprehended and product recovered at a single site within 2 months of commissioning the system.
– Eighteen (18) bags of gold bearing material recovered with 7 arrests within two weeks from system commissioning.
– Total of over 300 gold theft incidents identified during the past 15 months