ML Performance Rewarded

Liberty Promenade Award Ceremony

On 25 June 2014 ML client at Liberty Promenade Mrs. Fuzlin Sinclair hosted an award ceremony to reward the service providers on site for their outstanding performance. Four of ML Monitoring staff was nominated for these awards. Supervisor George Meyer and operators Lincoln Pieters and Fredine Lombard received certificates for their outstanding work during the successful apprehension and arrest of three armed robbers at Vodacom Chats Cellular situated in the Promenade Shopping Centre. Their quick reaction, monitoring of the incident via CCTV and communication with security officers and SAPS inside the shopping centre resulted in the armed robbers being arrested.

Another award was for Moniquie Sauls who was identified by Western Cape Disaster Management Manager Mr. Lenox as the best operator during the Evacuation Drill that took place on 21/06/2014. Monique handled the communication section inside the Monitoring Centre during the evacuation and she passed the test with flying colors. Liberty Promenade got a score 9/10 rating from Disaster Management for the successful evacuation of the entire centre without any problems. This was the best rating ever received in the history of Liberty Promenade.

The client congratulated ML Asset Management for the excellent service they are providing and encouraged us to keep building on what we are doing now.


The recipients with the Operations Manager Western Cape, Ferguson du Toit

ML Performance Rewarded